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Milan and its province are today the main sales point in Italy for the e-commerce market, with over 25% of online national traffic. This has lead to the big e-commerce operators such as Amazon starting the most innovative logistics and shipping services in Milan, including same day, after hour and weekend deliveries.

With over 350,000 square meters of warehouses (of which 200,000 are covered) in Milan and in the immediate vicinity, Italmondo is the ideal partner for all e - commerce companies pursuing investment in the Lombard capital and the entire province. Due to the presence of proximity warehouses (i.e Via Brunetti and Viale Espinasse) and the availability of own means for deliveries, we are offer the most innovative distribution logistics services, from the product warehouse to higher turnover for same day shipping.

Our warehouses are located at:

  • Milan
  • Arluno
  • Ossona
  • Baranzate
  • Lainate
  • Origgio


Italmondo is today one of the main logistics operators in Italy. Due to a highly automated platform and the use of highly specialized personnel, we are able to cover any business requirement: from personalized services to the shipment of packages of any size and weight, both in Europe and in the main intercontinental logistic poles.

This allows us to offer you the best of shipping services dedicated to every need:

Discover our branches all over the world.

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The secret is integrated logistics: the support of highly automated processes for the management of all its phases.

In the last decade, Italmondo has started a process of digitalization of logistics systems aimed at supporting the increasingly complex needs of the e-commerce market. It provides flexibility as a logistics organization, for example - express shipments throughout the Italian and European territory are supported with accurately updated information through highly integrated software.

Through the creation of dedicated warehouses and the use of innovative machinery (such as a machine that produces tailor-made packaging), Italmondo has progressively established itself as one of the ideal partners for companies operating in e-commerce.

Due to the implementation of a proprietary warehouse management software, we monitor in an integrated way all phases of logistics operations; from the receipt and verification of the goods, sent by the suppliers, to storage in the most suitable locations based on the type, passing through picking and packing operations and finally arriving at labeling of the packages.

Our systems provide information in real time on the status of processing of goods and tracking of shipments, as well as updates regarding the availability of products in stock.

In addition to warehouse logistics, our strength compared to our Competitors is distribution logistics, which are achieved by long-term contracts and additions with the main national and international couriers. We also offer dedicated transportation with customized services in case of specific needs such as the shipment of furniture and large appliances.

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